What is photogenic?

Why make poor pictures

Leafing through his photo, we do not get tired amazed at how different “see” our camera in the same situations in the same clothes, with the same make-up and hair color. It would seem – what has changed? But at some photos we pulled up and fresh, while others (those who want to hide away and never show even the closest people) look ten years older and twenty kilograms fuller.

Destined to sigh, we make ourselves a ruthless verdict: “I am – nefotogenichen (-chna)” – and try to avoid in the future any photo shoots, so as not to upset unnecessarily. And in vain! Professional photographers in one voice say: inphotogenic people do not, there is a bad camera angles, lighting, clothing, facial expressions and posture. In women, this list can be added the bad makeup. Agree – all of these situations are classified as totally controlled and easily fixable, and therefore it is necessary to know a few little secrets of good pictures.

Choosing clothes for photography

Choosing clothes for the shoot, which is assumed to color, very serious thought to the color combination of your closet: it is not necessary to dress up in suits and dresses, made in black and white. Reserving them for the same black-and-white shooting: there they will look really impressive and harmoniously.

Avoid all shades of green they can suddenly give your face an unhealthy pale or sallow hue.

Keep in mind that any, even the most perfect camera to visually add you to a dozen kilograms, so do not wear something that is able to complete: three-dimensional sweater tiered skirts, blouses with lots of ruffles and frills. White clothes, like clothes soft, pastel colors, too, can make a person have a very impressive physique. However, if you care little for these details – you can take a chance and put on any clothes.

Make-up for photo shoots

Pick it strictly in accordance with the natural color of your eyes and face, as well as the hair tint. For example, if you – blonde, avoid bright colors, dark shadows and black mascara for the eyebrows and eyelashes. Pick the most natural colors, or on a photo, you’ll look at least vulgar.

Brunettes also important to observe moderation in makeup for photo shoots: there can be great to draw a bright red lipstick – on the photo it will look scary-black. In addition, blue or green shade was old ten years, and too heavily made-up eyes and eyebrows make others suspect a person of a lady of easy virtue, as they also will not fail to speak out loud.

To get rid of oily sheen on the skin and hide its roughness, photographers are advised to use crumbly or compact powder to tone face, neck, chest and hands, if you plan to shoot in decollete gowns and suits.

We should also be said of mother of pearl and lip gloss: probably, they will look very impressive in real life, but in the photograph can give highlights or dark spots on the cheeks (blush with pearl if used for make-up). It is better to dwell on the most natural matt colors.

Facial expressions and poses in photoshoot

Ideal for posing in front of camera experts believe pose half-turned, though, of course, the situation may be different. However, trust your photographer – he certainly knows the peculiarities of shooting in various ways.

Smile – a beautiful smile from the heart looks very Attracting, causing distractions from various shortcomings appearance. If for any reason there is no way to smile broadly from ear to ear – rehearse in front of the mirror the face that will allow you to look at the picture and naturally cute.

That’s all the rules, knowing that you will always look impressive on any pictures, no worrying about the fact that once considered inphotogenic man.


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