Photographing skiers

Creating a “sports” images – it’s always very interesting and fun. In order to carry out shooting on the ski slopes, you must first answer a few questions – how to handle the equipment in such extreme conditions, how to make a clear silhouette of an athlete, but at the same time to convey movement and how to make a quality picture.

How to handle the camera in the cold

What troubles await us in the winter? Firstly, often sit batteries, and secondly – the shutter slows down. The main goal pursued by the photographer during shooting of winter – keep the equipment when going outside in the heat. To do this, hold the camera under his jacket and take it only for shooting.

It is understood that in cases of using a large format camera or medium is rather problematic. Nevertheless, try to find your “assistant” warm place. By the way, when it comes to non-professional family photography, it should not be used on a hillside expensive “SLR” – the usual “Soap” in most cases is sufficient. Of course, this is not an option if you’re planning to shoot professionally.

Focus Terms

Firstly, you should know exactly where to stay, pick a place from which you will be convenient to take the skier on the move. It is very important bilateral relationship – agree that the skier begins to move on your signal. After all, you’re ready to shoot only after you reach the chosen place, is located there and prepare the camera. Therefore, you should discuss in advance with a skier and a signal, and then the amount of time you need to prepare. The best signal will be some gesture of the hand, which can not be perceived in any way differently. By the way, in the process of preparation do not forget to take the gloves off.

Now for the focus – you can focus on a particular part of the track and wait until there will be a skier. You can also keep track of the skier in the modern digital camera’s viewfinder and photograph it when you see fit. It is important to know the features of their equipment – so that even the slightest slowing down the shutter reaction will lead to the fact that instead of the figure of the athlete you remove dazzling white, but “empty” snow.

It is understood that the exhibition should be put not on the background (which, by the way, in this case, will be bright enough – the sky or snow), and for the skier. Otherwise, you display the natural beauty, but the goal is reached. Metering by skier standing at full height should be done in advance.

In this case, you can shoot close-ups or object moving perpendicular to you. In any case, you need to pass it to traffic. You can go two ways: select the shape of the skier and the background blurred to make, that is the way it sees the sportsman while driving. But you can go the other way – to freeze the image, make it static, thus depicting and detailed background and figure athlete. The sensation of motion in this case is transferred to the viewer on a subconscious level – any “flightless nature” object in the air, it is seen as moving.


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