Photographing cars properly

What attract cars? First of all, it is the power, speed and power, as well as the beauty of flawless design. Machinery – they are real works of art created with the use of high technology.

Where and how to photograph

You can remove your vehicle. Of course, if it is far from perfect, it is possible to try to find a suitable “model”. You can do this in a city that is just on the street (a good idea to first reach an agreement with the owner), or visit the special car show (most likely, for the right to shoot you will have to fork).

Portrait of a car

“Portrait” – a machine close-up. Use the “human” conditions – Avoid direct angles (and full face and profile) and removal of most of the frame is for the subject. Pick up the correct background. By the way, the car can be quite “emotional” – you just see it. It is advisable that the machine was clean – although there is a purely personal matter.

The main trouble, which you will need to “overcome” – sun glare on the surface or flash reflection. Avoid hard lighting, choose muted and soft light.

You should always seek to obtain three-dimensional image, so the machine lines should be underlined. The most successful foreshortening when taking transport is considered to be such as visible and part of the side and front. By the way, and create a few large plans – take a picture of the logo separately, discs or grille.

Shooting machine in motion

Removing the motion, you can go two ways: lubricate machine image and thus leave a static background, or do the opposite. To achieve the effect of blurring the machine can be using dot lens focus. However, avoid excessive “blur”, leave at least the basic details of the key – otherwise you will be photographed strange shapeless stain.

Thus, the second method is called the “posting” – in this case the camera moves parallel to the subject. You can go on foot, if the vehicle speed allows, or you can use to capture another machine. Exposure in this case should be short.

Shooting from the salon

It is clear that taking pictures of the car and standing more comfortable and safer. With this approach, you can make a great report or get the magnificent panorama of decorated interior elements. You can use the interesting nuances – for example, the reflection in the rearview mirror.

Salon can be removed and on the move. It is clear that at this time behind the wheel should be no you. First of all, make sure to give yourself a stable position. With such an arrangement does not avoid spontaneity – nevertheless, ask the driver to warn you of unexpected turns and jumps. Rare camera can properly focus on a particular object, while on the move. The best option here is the exposure manually focus distance to infinity. Measurements of exposure in this case will need to produce at the lightest parts of the picture – most often in this role acts as the sky.


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