How to get a good background for portraits

Professionals know what to leave on the pictures “unnecessary” space is impossible – here be sure to get some featureless object that overshadowed the main image. If the place where you spend shooting, it seems you’re not interested, try to parse through the viewfinder. You can also try to find a non-standard angle. After all, the background can be not only what is in front of you, and the fact that the top or bottom. The remarkable background can serve as the sky (as the blue and cloudy) or lawn, and yellow autumn leaves. Speaking of leaves – they can be the perfect backdrop for portraits. Use landscape or artificial hill – eg, a bench. With it you can easily move the point of capture to the desired height.

Why use bokeh

To separate the model from the background, thereby accentuating her attention, you can use the bokeh. This “revision” photos to make it as attractive to the viewer. You should try as much as possible to make the background blurred – although the degree of blur in many respects depends on the optics used, and the conditions under which the survey is conducted.

How to work with the exposition and backdrop

Facility is located in the shadow of the shooting so that behind him the sun was shining bright, you will provide background overexposed and correct exposure. It is important to pay attention to the difference which is between the level of background illumination and model. To measure the exposure need not the general picture, namely the model. By the way, we should not forget that the human eye perceives a far greater number of colors than the most sophisticated optics.

In that case, if the difference in the coverage of the background and the object is quite small, using a backdrop – suitable for color and size of a piece of cloth. You have to look at things creatively – in fact, this fabric can be someone’s clothes, for example, not necessarily integral piece of cloth hung in the studio. By the way, keep in mind that the most advantageous solution is the selection of the background under the eye color. For blue and green eyes, use the sky and natural herbs, but the brown eyes accentuate wood or sand.

By the way, in today’s photos are increasingly using solar glare, although earlier it was considered absolute mistake photographer. If you can do it correctly, the addition is never hurt. Particularly relevant are reflections romantic photos. At the same time we should not make the sun a central element of composition – for the purpose of shooting you is completely different.

The distance between the model and background – that depends on this

In many situations it is possible to achieve the most unexpected effects, if only to change the distance between the subject and the background. If the model is a result of the “movement” falls into the shadow – well, we get a good exposure. Pushing the model from the background, we also get more bokeh.

If the background is interesting and adds to the portrait, then it should not be ignored. In this case, in contrast, the model closer to the background. Easy blur the background will still have to perform to the viewer’s attention is not scattered on the study of the small pieces and left chained to a person in the foreground.


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