How to take group photos

Group portrait – pretty big topic. Generally speaking, it is possible to count three subgroups:

– A picture of a large number of people in formal or festive atmosphere, for example, at corporate parties or wedding party,

– An informal survey of friends,

– Family photos.

Terms of shooting a large group of people

It is obvious that when photographing a large group of people you can not control the facial expressions and posture of each of the members of the group. So try to pay more attention to the overall composition. The picture must be built in such a way as if the whole group – a single object. When taking pictures of business, official personnel group, it is desirable to build a full-length. These pictures are performed at exhibitions and scientific seminars.

It employs the standard rules for the group – high should overshadow. Your task – to make sure that all were in the frame. A more interesting picture can be obtained by using a nearby hill. The complexity of such a survey is quite pays off image quality, because the photos will be done not in the usual perspective, and from top to bottom.

Friendship photoshoot

Informal and friendly images usually very sincere – even if you use the standard posture (all sorts of “hugs” and the like). For example, ask your friends to come closer and to bow to the camera by connecting the head. You can also take pictures of the “circle” of friends, but for that you have to lie on the ground – they, in turn, form a circle of heads over you. Select the company’s largest members and arranged one behind him – so that they are piled on the “leader.” Funny facial expressions and “horns” are welcome, because the picture should get a fun and very dynamic.

Taking family photos

The main emphasis in this case is made on the family – when shooting in the house exclude getting into the frame of the “extra” items, for example, furniture or the like. The default location is considered as the center of the group placed the head of the family or the oldest member of her, which is surrounded by kids – grandchildren and other children. Adults should be placed on the sides.

Often, family photos are performed outdoors. Removing seated family members, do not forget that the camera lens must be at their eye level. The family can shoot with great furniture. For example, put Dad on the big bed, and the top place for all children. Children can be worn on the shoulders – it is so natural and perfect for a family picture.

Wonderful family photos obtained in motion. The whole family is walking around, holding hands – is not it the dream of all the people around us. It is clear that for this frame is also important in a romantic and quiet background, but it is in any case should not divert attention from the central picture ideas.

Family Taking a full-length – is also a good way to pass the closeness of the relationship. Of course, do not form a group on the rise – the children will likely need to take your hands. By the way, staged a smile is not very good for such images – it is better to leave it to the customers, because sometimes the eyes speak volumes. In any case, these images will be a great addition to the family photo album.


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