How to photograph children – successful posture

Working with children is always a lot of fun. Children do not hesitate to camera, so getting very sincere, emotional. However, you will need patience and a certain proportion, as childlike require careful control on your part. In most cases you will have to adapt, because especially pose a child is unlikely to be.

How to remove the child lying

There are a few basic poses that you can use when working with children. They should not be regarded as hard and fast rules – rather, it is only the source of your inspiration. For example, you can ask the kid to lie down – in this case you will have to shoot at the model level. Alternatively, you can put the baby to bed and cover him with a blanket – he would peek out from under it, and the result is a very nice picture. Of course, in this case, the background is linen, so it is very important the correct compatibility of linen and clothes toddler.

Taking children in the natural environment

Children are best removed in vivo. For example, a baby can relax, if you give him a favorite teddy bear. The most direct photo obtained when a child is engaged in commonplace – almost all children love to draw or read books, long may something to build enthusiasm. Do not miss these moments – acquired during game footage may be the most successful.

Do not miss the moments and sincere manifestations of emotion – for example, leaping laughter. But staging the smiles on the children’s little face look, at least, absurd. Do not forget that all children love sweets – be it fruit or ice cream. The process of absorption of goodies can be a real photoshoot.

Unusual visual effects to your photos can be added, if used in the process of shooting bubbles. Children love them unconditionally and will be glad to such entertainment. And you will need to use the correct lighting.

Street photography can be very dynamic. For example, the process of fixing the ball games – most importantly, choose the unexpected angle, for example, take the ball and shoot the center of the composition below. You can use the process of shooting sports equipment, especially if the child is a fan of the sport. A good option for kids will pose in the sandbox. However, it is clear that special little one will not pose. The task of the photographer – look successful moments at a time until the child is enthusiastically engaged in construction.

Group shooting – the children with their parents or with pets

Bringing pets to shoot photos make very alive. It is clear that your job – do not fully control the process, but only a little to direct it.

Good images are obtained with the parents. For example, just crumbs mom can put it on his chest. If the child is older, take photos of it in the hands of parents. All kinds of “hugs” are welcome, because at this time you will be able to capture the moment the expression of feelings. Shoot, you can embrace in the normal position, ie standing and on the floor. However, this area is open for the experiments.


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