How to photograph at night

As you know, night time is considered to be quite suitable for high-quality pictures. To do this, you need a quality camera, but this is not the main thing. The main thing – the study of the basic rules of night shooting. Armed with knowledge, you will be able to please friends-quality photos with night parties or to supplement their collection especially the best sunset.

Carrying NightShot – technical details

You will need a camera light. This will lighten the items placed in front, and will not allow the emergence of Blur and the “red-eye”. It turns out that using ceiling light you are guaranteed to get a quality picture. At the same time, there are certain limitations – in particular, they relate to the distance. Thus, the minimum distance for flash – a half to two meters, and the maximum – five meters. By the way, showing some ingenuity, you can flash to replace other sources – such as street lamps, automobile headlights or reflections of the fire. These alternative sources should be directed to the background. For example, the success will be provided to you, if you try to background was further highlighted. With the help of this simple rule you will achieve image sharpness.

Sensitivity for the NightShot

sensitivity shooting, referred to as ISO, will need to be controlled. In order to reduce the grainy photos, set the minimum value. For night shooting also need to fix the camera. However, complex tripods are not needed, just lean on anything for more stability – in this case you can avoid defocusing. In order to avoid the instability of the image, you can also use the automatic shooting mode (in most cases they contribute to the sustainable production of the image).

Setting the timer

In order to get high-quality images at night, it is very important to configure the timer. The optimal duration in this case is considered to be the time period of two seconds. If the photographer is in the frame, then this value should be increased to ten seconds. Do not neglect the opportunity to make additional photo – it will increase the likelihood of obtaining the final high-quality image.

Experiments night photography

Photos made with compression, are not suitable for high quality images. If there is a problem with flash memory, you need to take care of its expansion in advance. It is unacceptable because of the losing image quality and compression just contributes to this. Digital zoom – also useless thing in terms of night shoots. So choose the right distance – as a rule, its value is two meters.

It is clear that all these requirements a novice can seem complicated. However, there is nothing more reliable than our own experience, supported by high-end appliances. By the way, sometimes the most successful shots are the ones that have turned out in violation of the technical regulations. So do not be afraid to experiment. After all your hard work is required to be successful, and paying tribute to the night scenes of time, you will soon be able to give advice themselves.


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