How to shoot a portrait

Talking about the portrait shooting rules can be to infinity. Almost any book on the rules of photography has a section devoted to portraits. However, there are some books on the subject. However, when it comes to amateur photography, it is sufficient to know the basic rules. The portrait images can be made more interesting if we use the five rules uncomplicated.

The need for pre-treatment

To shoot, whatever it may be, must be very carefully prepared – even if it is a “standard” walk in the nearby park in the camera company. Attractions should look for in advance, and not easy to find, but also carefully examine them to detect unexpected angles or particularly outstanding facilities.

In preparation using the experience of other photographers. Perhaps professional pictures taken by someone else, will inspire you to create interesting composite solutions. If in the course of shooting will take part not too experimental model, tell her about the basic rules of preparation for a photo shoot. Almost always, the girls during the shoot required powder – do not forget to remind her about it.

When will begin the work, do not forget about the elementary words of praise. After all, even the model, which has extensive experience in photo shoots can feel trapped, if it seems that you are “not in the spirit.” By this view it can push and your melancholy gaze directed at the camera. So I think with the human senses – even if you are having a problem with the equipment, do not count the odd voice it aloud. However, such situations, of course, better to avoid.

How to use light correctly

In the process, almost always it is the best use of natural light. In order to maximize the use of its technical capabilities, you will need a reflector (certainly better than one, but several, besides differing in reflectance).

On a sunny day, place the model in such a way that the face she had not formed hard shadows, and so that it does not blinked. But in cloudy weather problems almost never occurs because the lighting is even. To add lighting accents you again need a reflector.

It is important that the model does not merge with the background. In order to separate it, the following methods can be used: light, or color. As for the light, you can use the backlight or to delineate the surface in such a way – for example, the background is lit, and the model is in the shade. Highlighting is due to the contrasts. It is very important to choose clothes.

How to choose the camera angle

Portrait on the shoulders provide the location of the camera at eye level. Images are full-length? Hence, the camera is located at waist level. When shooting from the bottom of the model to visually lengthen the leg and removing the top you make shorter model.

Experiments should not scare you – the classic rules so good that they can violate if desired. However, there is a kind of sequence: first get your hands on these very good rule, and then start to break them.


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