How to take black and white photos

It should be noted that the process of shooting is not particularly dependent on what kind of image you will eventually receive – a black and white or color. After all, the laws of the world are the same for each of these cases. But learn to see the black-and-white world, you can only experience. This is even more difficult now, in our time digital technologies. By the way, take pictures using a special “black and white” camera mode is not desirable. It is best to take a color image, and then using special programs discolor it.

How to use filters

In classic black and white photograph used special filters. In digital photography, they are rarely used or not used at all. However, understanding the basics of working with filters, you can be very useful. This knowledge will allow you to see how the photo will look after digital processing.

For example, using an orange filter darkens violet and blue. It allocates wonderful clouds in the sky and is perfect for a day of shooting nudes. Nevertheless, the “classic” color filters, which are used for black and white shooting is not suitable for digital cameras – it is in color reproduction, and the design features of the equipment.

An exception is considered an ultraviolet filter that can be used for color photography. It eliminates motion blur and a blue tint, which is especially important for the shooting in the Highlands.

Neutral and polarizing filters can be used, but with some reservations. For example, ND filters are not conducive to a change in the spectral composition of colors. Their purpose – to increase exposure.

A polarizing filter is very important for color photos – you can use it to remove the bright glare on the water or get rich sky. However, the use of such a filter in the black-and-white photography is risky – the final image can become lifeless. By the way, the use of any filter almost always involves the use of tripods.

Basic rules for the use of filters

Color filters for classical black-and-white recording is not used when the color image transform planned to black and white. Tsvetousilivayuschie and conversion filters used also undesirable. Neutral density filters can be used without limitations, but the polarization is only required for specific tasks. The effect obtained by the use of filters, in any case should not dominate the image. The most important thing – the plot, rather than color effects.

How to convert a color image to black and white

First, you must implement a quality image retouching. For the “transformation” in most cases, use the RAW-converter. Moment of tonokorrektsii well as individual and depends on the image itself. If you spend tonokorrektsiyu color image, then another similar operation is required after conversion. By the way, in the converter, you can monitor the whole process of transformation. However, too much trust in the program should not be – the main thing all the same source. A shooting experience is more important than computer skills.


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