How to create high-quality photos while traveling

Photos, being brought from vacation you may be different. Your friends and relatives can classify them to frankly boring, and can ignite the desire to visit these unique places. So, how to achieve a stunning effect?

The importance of planning shooting

First of all, do not count on the success of a photo taken “suddenly”. To capture nature in its pristine perfection, it is sometimes necessary solitude operator, his ability to feel the atmosphere of the surroundings. If you are photographing people or objects, it is very important background. Thus, according to the classic rules of the dark elements placed on a light background, or vice versa. To avoid unnatural color in the picture, to avoid brown and yellow tones. You can also pre-examine existing professional image of these places. Naturally, it is very important to avoid copying. When planning is also important to examine the legislative aspects – for example, in Moscow prohibited shooting in the subway, and in some countries banned public institutions.

What is the composition?

photo frame – it’s built right composition. The subject should not be located in the middle of the image. To achieve the correct location, use the rule of thirds. To do this, mentally draw three vertical and horizontal lines of the same number. On the lower or upper horizontal line, place the horizon. The main object should be near the points of intersection of the imaginary lines.

When shooting a moving subject, leave more space to the side, where the object is moving. To enhance the effect of movement, you can use the slope of the horizon. But in order to create a focus on the already traversed path, leave a large area of ​​the object.

Choosing a background, avoid too bright and colorful objects. They can distract attention from that for which, in fact, has been started shooting.

The importance of color and light

For example, in the bright midday light is extremely difficult to get a high-quality image. But when the sun is near the horizon edge, taking pictures much easier. Predict the same as reflected in the weather picture is almost impossible, so it is a good time for unexpected experiments. Professionals understand what the “correct” light. It is best to exercise during sunrise or sunset. The ability to take pictures at dusk or in high clouds are also not hurt. By the way, for the shooting of vegetation or water bodies it is best just such a light, as it makes the image softer.

To draw attention to photos, you can use color, because painting is usually very emotional. Attractive are these images, to which there is a contrast, or those in which dominates one shade (for example, a bright red or deep blue). To create a contrast, you can use unexpected decisions – for example, the combination of bright green and soft pink.

Interesting experiments in photography

You can draw attention to your photos using the details. For example, a spot of light on a roadway can better convey the mood of the street than a long series of repetitive structures. To have your photo does not look monotonous, avoid too popular places. Fully immersed in the atmosphere of unexplored tourist attractions, you are sure something will discover.


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