Whether the quality of technology affecting the pictures

This question literally, “old as the hills.” Even such luminaries of photography as Rockwell and Bresson and Niepce could not “agree” with each other – some believed that all the matter in the chamber, while the latter argued that only the professionalism and skill. Today these disputes do not cease – and then you can find tips on how to buy a more expensive camera, so she did everything “for you” or pull a practical level, to the value of art is not reflected in your shots.

Choosing the camera

Modern amateur photographer usually has at its disposal reflex camera and is constantly buying him some “bells and whistles”. By the way, these improvements can be made, and himself – here’s someone that close. It is clear that this way – the right way to improve the equipment, but it also has one significant drawback – individuality.

By the way, SLR cameras purchased in most cases because it is fashionable in the future the whole practice of its owner is the push of a single button. Since you did not spare money for such an “important” purchase, do not be lazy to read their basic instruction – the one in the kit. You will learn here about the exposure, shutter speed and other key terms, and thus lay the fundamental knowledge that will subsequently be used.

It should be noted that the professionals rarely prefer any particular type of technology, and note that for different shooting conditions are suitable variety of cameras. Thus, the “compact” can accompany you constantly, while the “reflex” does not fit in your pocket. However, the images obtained with the “compact” clearly worse. Unfortunately, the golden mean in the photographic technique practically does not exist – in any case have to sacrifice something (or quality, or compact).

As practical experience influences the selection of technology

Buying an expensive SLR camera, many argue approximately as follows: “Technology that is necessary, and I’ll just press the button.” Nevertheless, it runs for some time, and the user notices that his pictures are far from ideal – rather, that they can not be called very good. Many are beginning to wonder, why is this happening and come to a completely fair conclusion that they understand the process of creating a few.

Studying the instructions supplied with the equipment, the user gradually learns to build a composition, to pay attention to light, understand the dependence of the quality of the photo shutter speed and exposure. In the course of this study is very important not to get hung up on the set of the same type of frame – obviously if you’re photographing butterflies, or, say, the river, all the tincture should be radically different.

After going a certain way, a person begins to think – but this photo could have been even better if I used a filter or could increase (decrease) the speed. So there is a need to replace equipment. In addition, keep in mind that the camera, as well as any other mechanism wears out over time. Logically, instead of the old version you buy more modern than expand their technological horizons.


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