Villa Dr. Shteyngoltsa, Alushta

April 2013.

In 1910, in Alushta, one of the unique places in the Crimea, was opened by Dr. Shteyngoltsem “veranda for intensive inhalation”, which took the famous people of his time. And in 2003, it was decided to build on the site of the old houses – Clubhouse, preserving the historical name “Villa Dr. Shteyngoltsa”. To date, “Dr Shteyngoltsa Cottage” – an exclusive offer on the elite real estate market Crimea because of its location, quality of construction, high level of service and maintenance, as well as infrastructure development.

Living in the Crimea – hence smell the juniper groves, drinking inimitable Crimean wines, enjoy the gentle, warm sea and plenty of sunshine.
The unique combination of mountain, sea and forest air cures many diseases, which is why in the Crimea always built sanatoriums and health resorts, as before the revolution – the palaces of royalty who lived here most of the year.