Children’s Health Camp Pearl

June 2013.

Children’s Health Camp “Pearl” is part of the recreation complex of the same name, located 10 kilometers from the center of Yalta, fifty meters from the Black Sea in its own landscaped and protected area around the clock.

In the children’s camp usually come those children who want to spend their summer holidays in communicating with new and old friends, willing to spend time not only fun, but also useful. In the children’s camp “Pearl” each shift reigns kindness, understanding, love to help each child to light a spark of talent and turn a young man into a real superstar.

For children under the major three-storey building equipped 4-5 bed rooms equipped with toilet and wash basin sanitary unit. Shower facilities are located on each floor at the end of the corridor. In the two bedrooms one balcony is provided.

On holiday in the “pearl” camp accepted as healthy children, and still young people with disorders of the peripheral and central nervous system, respiratory diseases, ENT diseases, disorders of the skin, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. To pass the course of treatments, these patients may be at the medical center, located on the territory of the children’s camp.