Children’s entertainment complex TERRA PARK

September 2016.

“Terra Park” is located in the shopping center “Terra” in Krivoy Rog on Zarechny and refers to the network of entertainment complexes in Ukraine.

The Cascade Park presents the best content of the children’s center: electric cars, pedal cars, ATVs, playhouses, slides, football pitch, slot machines, a class for work. The highlight of the center is an Israeli “Comfy Land” develops complex for children from 6 months, which is made up of the games, mazes, puzzles, pyramids for the little ones.

And we can help you to make your child’s birthday a memorable one! You have the opportunity to order a vivid animation program with two or three characters. We will be able to find characters who loves your child just as we have over 60 different animations. You can please the children by ordering a show of soap bubbles, chemical show, sand animation and many master-classes, such as cooking, soap-making, svechevarenie, a master class in the manufacture of perfumes, sachets and many others.

Such a diverse range of entertainment will allow to please both the youngest and older children.