The children’s center Cascade Park in the Cascade Plaza

October 2016.

The Cascade Park presents the best content of the children’s center: electric cars, pedal cars, ATVs, playhouses, slides, football and basketball courts, slot machines, a class for work. The highlight of the center is an Israeli develops complex «Comfy Land» for children from 6 months, which is made up of the games, mazes, puzzles, pyramids for the little ones.

All toys and materials complex produced in Italy, France and the USA, are made of high-quality natural materials and are certified according to the highest international safety and quality standards.

Staff – people who are very fond of children and seek to do everything possible to ensure that you and your children feel not only comfortable, but really great!

For children developed a special children’s menu, but for you – the European and Japanese cuisine. You just have to choose and order.