GENESIS DNEPR – Clinic of reproductive medicine

Genesis Dnepr IVF, Clinic of Reproductive Medicine

Clinic for Reproductive Medicine Genesis Dnepr offers a wide range of programs for the treatment of infertility, including IVF, IMSI, ICSI, cryopreservation of embryos and germ cells, high-donor programs.

Clinic Aims – to meet the highest standards of care, provide patients with the best that can offer modern science and technology.

Principles of the clinic: Creating an atmosphere of friendliness and attention to any patient problems. Respect for the patient time. Joint treatment selection. Compliance with ethical standards, giving the patient full information about the results of treatment and examination, objective advice, honesty and openness. Strict adherence to privacy and personal information.

Clinic Services: Childbirth. Cesarean section. Andrology. Proctology. Diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of gynecological diseases. Treatment of complicated forms of infertility. IVF – in vitro fertilization. The “Egg donation”. Antenatal diagnosis. Preparing for pregnancy and childbirth. Conducting pregnancy to term. Reproductive Surgery. Emergency gynecology. Women’s intimate surgery. Efferent therapy; ultraviolet, laser irradiation of blood. Treatment of urinary tract infections. Treatment of intestinal dysbiosis. Treatment by a gynecologist childhood and adolescence. Complete a comprehensive survey of the entire body of women and men by the standards of the leading clinics in Israel and Germany. Medication abortion. Treatment of mastitis. Proctology. Treating hemorrhoids ultrasound.