I coworking hub – Business center

May 2016.

Training of the technology industry in a short time – something that solves the management team I coworking hub together with a pool of 30 mentors and tutors of international IT companies.

I coworking hub (ICH) – it is a community, a business, a team that creates a current time educational products, displays them on the market, the profits that are reinvested in the creation of new educational products. Series of educational products create an environment in each city where the genius / talented people realize their ideas. This solves the mission how to be genius.
ICH – a platform for professional business and design education in IT from international experts and owners of tech companies.

ICH manages and owns a number of copyright projects (24hours mag inter, I magazine, JazzForBusiness, JazzForStreets, 9UP | 9UniquePeople, CUP | Community of Unique People), manages and holds a number of international conferences licenses (TEDx, PechaKucha, LifeHackDay UA, Startup Crash Test, Startup Google Grind), manages and owns the copyrights to several IT courses (Project Management, People Management, UX design, the development of: business development, Product Management, Product design), manages and owns the business and educational center in the Dnipro (Ukraine).