Cafe restaurant Artist on Cathedral Dnepr city

There is nothing nicer than to visit the “Cafe” and a cup of coffee while discussing spiritual matters.

Massive bar, decorated with dark wood antique panels and walls, creating the right atmosphere for a friendly chat. And numerous paintings, photographs and posters to set up a creative mood and evoke inspiration.

Hall “Cafe” is on the ground floor of the mansion. Its walls are decorated with works of artists, who used to come here frequent visitors, photos of friends and a host of famous posters performances.

Second floor: “Winter Garden” – witness how the interior was reflected in the care and love for the owner of his beloved.

Third floor: “Dining Room” – its walls are decorated with canvases by various artists. They are now looking forward to the new visitors who want to mention here a festive date.

Third floor: “upper terrace” – located on the third floor of the building, where you can enjoy stunning views of the park. After all, nothing is better for dreamy moods and brilliant ideas, like fresh air and closeness to nature.