LUCIA Banquet Hall – restaurant in Dnepr city

Lusia Banquet Hall – the restaurant that combines several generations of pleasant memories, joyful events and unforgettable atmosphere.

The restaurant has a long history: the beginning was the Soviet restaurant “Flame”, then the institution was renamed “Lyudmila”, later underwent styling and became a restaurant Chinese cuisine “Beijing”, and now transformed into a banquet hall multiplex.

The “hospitable lobby,” you can spend your time in front of events, sitting on the couch and enjoy light drinks and snacks. The “lobby lounge” can hold a celebration, to get near the plasma screens or socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. “Banquet Hall” concert stage for live performances, the projector and the dressing room is a perfect place for a large-scale festival with a large number of guests (up to 250-300 persons). The restaurant’s menu presents dishes of European, Georgian, Chinese and Japanese cuisines, as well as Jewish cuisine and the culinary delights of the Soviet era.

Features celebration supplemented professional concert stage in the deepening of the hall. It opens the prospect to accompany your holiday alive instrumental ensembles. Host any event, you will be able to experience the atmosphere of an evening of celebration and of table fun.