The office of the building corporation Iboya Premium

June 2012.

Specialized activity of the Corporation Iboya Premium – design and construction of “turnkey” sports surfaces in the stadiums, football fields, tennis courts, sports halls, playgrounds and playgrounds, multipurpose sports fields.

This rubber coating based on polyurethane and rubber crumb, acrylic coating, a sports and commercial linoleum, self-leveling flooring, artificial grass, rubber plates, seamless universal coverage, rolled rubber coatings.

The company also supplies high-quality sports equipment and sports equipment.
The main principles of the company are an individual approach to each client, taking into account the specific characteristics of the object and the complex decision of problems of the customer in order to optimize financial and time resources.

by coating the device works performed by qualified teams. Prices for materials and work without markups other intermediary companies. Works Company evaluated and many regular customers. It works with any form of property companies and different types of budgets, including budget.