Sportmaster – a network of sports shops in Ukraine

December 2012.

Sportmaster – sports shop for the whole family! All sports and outdoor activities – from the most basic sporting goods to the last generation technological equipment.

Each year, visiting shops Sportmaster tens of millions of people. In general indicators Stores firmly occupied the first place in our country. It does not matter whether you live in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa and Lviv – shops are always nearby!
In an effort to be closer to you, Sportmaster is constantly expanding its network of 25 stores in 14 cities of Ukraine – and this is not the limit!
Sportmaster – united team of professionals. Each of them – whether it is an expert in the development of new sports equipment or a consultant on the trading floor – work to as many people enjoy sports and active recreation.

high quality goods at a reasonable price – so you can describe the approach to the formation of commodity policy, which is implemented for many years. The company carefully selects suppliers, sifting unreasonably expensive, and supporting those who share the point of view of buyers.

For regular customers the system of privileges – a long-term program of Dance “SPORTMASTER” allows you to receive a bonus for every purchase and pay for them later. In addition, program participants regularly receive special offers and discounts on services.