Meridian Recreation Center on the banks of the Dnieper

April 2012.

Recreation center “Meridian” is located in the forest park on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper.

All this beauty is located only 20 kilometers from the center of Dnipropetrovsk (by the Central Department Store). That is just a leisurely 30 minutes drive – and you find yourself in a place where it is always fresh and nice of a stuffy and bustle of the city.

If available in your boat, the journey itself is already on the Dnieper from us will be part of your holiday. His boat, you can moor at our quay equipped with a canopy.

Territory recreation center surrounded by greenery.

The spacious hall of the restaurant, which can accommodate up to 40 people, can be used for banquets, as well as conference rooms for seminars or trainings. At the same time – it is a cozy place for a pleasant dinner. It offers a rich selection of European dishes and drinks. And on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – and even delicious kebabs and steaks, as well as other dishes prepared on an open fire.

Camping usually associated with summer. But, as sung in the famous song, There is no bad weather. In every season the nature is beautiful in its own way. “Meridian” recreation center is open all year round. So in any of the 365 days of the year you can come to us to relax and get away from everyday worries.