Golden Autumn in Dnepropetrovsk panoramas

Autumn, probably – the most charming and mysterious, marked by special paints the year.

Poets and artists of different generations, dedicated its autumn inspired poetry and painting, helping to expand this time of the year, in all its glorious colors.

The arrival of autumn hits us in the heart, casting an atmosphere of sadness and generating an endless longing for oblivion. Autumn favorite time of the great Russian poets and artists and celebrating in an owl time mortal beauty of autumn in his numerous and immortal works.

People say that the fall time of wisdom, and to describe and characterize the autumn we can say with confidence, autumn time one of us leaves no one indifferent, it makes even the optimists and the happiest people in the world think about the transience and meaninglessness of our existence. Great time – Autumn time charm, one of the four seasons

Autumn time – time for artists and photographers who each autumn losing calm, capturing the beauty of autumn in the parks, gardens and forests, trying to steal a piece of the autumn of her beauty.