The first steps in photography

The quality and skill of photographing

Each of us at least once in their lives had to get into a very unpleasant and discouraging situation, when, looking at his own image after photographing, we hardly recognized in the swollen, flabby creature, looks at the world through the slits of red-eye themselves. However, there are different: on the nature of our modest external data and faulty forms in the photo looked very well, if not – it is beautiful.

The reason for such striking differences wings, of course, in three things: our readiness to shoot, skill as a photographer and photographic equipment. Therefore, picking up a camera and decided to join the creation of images that need to be concerned about, not to spoil people’s mood – at least, as well as a maximum – to become a true creator of photographic masterpieces.

What do I need? Of course, all of the above, but for now we will focus on photographic equipment and skills as a photographer.

Which camera to prefer?

You can capture and conventional cameras using film and digital, where the film is used instead of a memory card, which is displayed and all the footage.

Which camera is better to choose a novice? Of course, it is best for this purpose to use digital technology – mainly due to the possibility of instant quality control of the shooting.

There is another reason why the better to make his choice in favor of the digital camera: this technique eliminates the newfound photographer from having to keep at home, not only the whole darkroom with a set of fairly complex to use tools and chemicals, but also to a color printer: everything you need in this case – just come in a studio to print the image in the required amount.

Buying a camera – it is a serious and responsible: Given the excess supply in the market of equipment for shooting, it is important not to get confused and make the right choice. What does it depend on? Oddly enough – not always the quality of your future photos will be determined by the cost of acquisition “digicam”, although, of course, and it has a value.

Size matters

The purpose for which will continue to use your camera should be the main criterion for selection: the larger picture you plan to do, the higher must be the number of pixels in the target for the purchase of devices. For example, if your interests do not go further publication of photo on his wall on the social networks, the unit with a resolution of one megapixel – just what you need. If your plans are more significant and ambitious (eg, in the future it is expected printing large size images on an inkjet printer and their subsequent handing komu-libo), there is no way to do without two or trehmegapikselnoy machine – and it is a minimum.

Naturally, the more megapixels in the camera, the more expensive it is, but you can always choose a model with an optimal price-performance ratio: the main thing here – do not rush and do not buy the first thing that gets in the eyes.

Terms of quality shooting

Even the most “fancy” digital camera, for which you paid a considerable sum, you can quickly disappointed, plunging into despair: it so happens that the quality of the shooting, despite the declared capabilities of the device, to put it mildly, not pleased. The reason lies in bytuyuschem among the newcomers agree that a digital device – it’s a kind of sverhintellektualnaya technique that does not require any special skills and handling abilities, saying that he will do everything himself, you just bring it on the subject, and click a button.

Of course, this view looks very naive: absolutely any technique requires the ability to handle it, and digital cameras – is no exception.

Tips for photographing quality

Here are some tips that will allow you to shoot high quality from the very first attempt:

Study the instructions in your camera and follow the instructions exactly. Unbelievable but true – people are so often assured of ease of shooting digital camera that does not even take the trouble to at least in general terms, a manual to get acquainted with him.
Train – because no one has yet managed to remove fotoshedevr the first time. Shoot everything that gets in the eyes, trying to shoot in different conditions: in the morning, in the afternoon, at dusk, at night, in sunny and cloudy weather, when it is hot and when it’s cold, outdoors and indoors, changing lighting. You’ll quickly see a tremendous difference in the resulting images.
Remember that photography – a fun and creative process, as well as, for example, painting: Photo without reason has long elevated to the rank of art. So at full power turn their imagination, trying to not only create an interesting picture, but to see the final result. In general, the ability to predict the future of photography – an essential feature of any photographic masters. From this statement logically follows that you will not be able to do without experiments – especially since the perturbation


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