Photographic rules at a nightclub

The main task of the photographer – to convey to the maximum brightness of the light and feeling, the atmosphere of the club. Neon lights are a mandatory attribute of a picture, but clearly identified individuals on a dark background are best avoided. By the way, you have to be careful with the facial expressions of people photographed, because it can be, to put it mildly, inadequate.

Where is the photographer

It would be best for you to stay so that you were on the edge of the dance floor and saw in front of a model on the background of the dance floor. This will give you the background and multicolored lights, and human “impersonal” silhouettes (after all, their faces practically not covered). But to remove the risk of blurred frame with such an arrangement is practically absent. By the way, with a small pulse flash easy to “freeze” all the figures.

Shooting directly from the dance floor is not desirable, since the movement of lights will distract attention from the object being photographed. But when shooting “on the edge”, they will be only on hand, because the background will make interesting and colorful. If your site uses the smoke, then take pictures in such circumstances is virtually impossible – being a layer between the flash and the main object it can take the life of your shot. But in the background so the smoke will create the desired atmosphere and will add depth.

In addition, the dancing crowd, you really run the risk of damaging their equipment. In addition, the focus will be extremely difficult, because certainly someone from the unfamiliar person necessarily require your attention.

The basic rules of shooting

If you do decide to shoot in the “thick of things”, then you’ll need to: ensure the safety of equipment, that is, to keep it above his head during the movement and ensure the safety of themselves, that is, to be in a good mood.

When shooting in the club, you can actively use a mirror – it will create the illusion of spaciousness and light to enhance the game. Using a mirror, make sure that you are not affected them. Life in the frame, you can add and use the flash, reflected in the mirror, but to use this method too often not worth it.

View the resulting images to be alone, so as not to attract undue attention – keep in mind this point, because in this case you will have to work to create a finished picture twice as long.

A special creativity to work in the club do not expect – basically, this group pictures of smiling people. However, you can make a few bold experiments using unusual perspective. In any case, work so proud of themselves, and even if the creative is missing. For example, standing, you can convert a color picture to black and white. In most cases, the picture will only gain – unless, of course, it is static, rather than eroded, as often happens in the photo club.

There are several technical nuances – such expensive equipment in such extreme conditions, use should be categorically. In this case you still need an additional lens and flash, built-in power because, in any case, not enough. With regard to specific settings, they must be established on the basis of the lighting level.


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