Rules indoor shooting

How to shoot in dimly lit room

Indoor shooting problematic enough without sunlight. Professionals confidently say that in such circumstances need the most modern equipment, always including zoom and light external flash. However, this set of equipment is not cheap. Especially as a recording technique plays almost critical – if you do not own practical skills, do not even buy expensive equipment – it just will not help you.

It is clear that shooting in low light conditions require the use of flash. However, it must be a special way to customize – use a flash in the “normal” mode, will lead to the fact that the frame will be frozen face on a black background.

It is about the background and you have to remember in the first place. Quality training – is a happy medium between the digital noise and blurred movement. To think that the main thing in the picture – itself the subject is erroneous. After all, the frame consists of several elements, the background plays an important role in this list. Thus, according to the theory, if the background is black, that is, zero, and the object becomes “zero”.

The first thing to do in a dark room – to increase the limit of endurance. You also need to learn one way or another to ignore the digital noise. It will anyway – however, its value depends on the quality of the art. It is clear that to allow too much noise should not be – you just have to accept the fact that to get rid of it will not work. By the way, more attention must be paid to noise is not shooting, and the subsequent processing of the frame.

Proper use of the flash

It should be understood that the flash is only an additional light source in the room, and not primary. It should be just a little highlight, fill in the shadows. The main flash mode in the room – sync, and slow rear-curtain sync. By the way, you can try to shoot and absolutely no flash – just watch out for the way people are displayed on a light background.

Professionals always pay attention to the color shades of lighting. After all, only the flash is neutral, that is closest to the natural light. For example, fluorescent lamps can have a greenish tint, and incandescent bulbs – yellow.

How to choose the right hardware

Assume what demands will be made to the final photo. For example, for the home album quality it is almost irrelevant, but if you shoot a press conference, then you have to go the extra mile. For the household survey are perfect and compact cameras. They should also be used for beginners – at least until such time until they are almost ready to move to the next level.

But expensive technique – the prerogative of professionals. However, in today’s market of photographic technique it is possible to choose a budget model that has the necessary set of “professional” quality. Dear SLRs allow professionals to spend less time on processing of finished images – lines clearer, less noise. But to match its needs with their financial capabilities – it is the best and right way to select equipment.


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