The most important rules of composition

As is known, the correct composition composed – the key to successful photography. To attract the viewer’s attention to the frame is possible by means of contrasts. If the object is bright, choose a dark background, and for the dark for him – on the contrary, lighter. However, mottled background is not necessary to use, especially for shooting people – this could distract attention from the main subject.

It is also important to place the main elements of the story. The chaotic layout does not fit, it is best if the objects will be placed in the form of a geometric figure. If you have in different parts of the frame number of objects, be sure to ensure that they correspond to each other in size, tone and volume.

What is the golden ratio in the photograph

Terms of the “golden section” has studied the ancient Greek Euclid, the creator of geometry. Then a lot of interest to this rule showed Leonardo da Vinci. However, if you move away from this historical perspective, the golden ratio can be described quite simply, the best starting point for the location of the object being photographed is the one that is located on one-third of the vertical and horizontal boundaries of the entire frame. Place the important objects in accordance with this rule – at the expense of naturalness of the location you provide attention to your image.

A good compositional technique is considered placing the objects on a diagonal. For example, you can position objects photographed from the top left corner to the lower right. The diagonal arrangement of the composition allows for the viewer’s eye through the image.

The predominance of vertical objects in the frame urges you to ensure that you do the vertical frames. But the scenery should be photographed flat.

What is the point of shooting and the direction in the picture

To ensure the correct emotional perception of your work, you need to choose the right point shooting. When it comes to creating a portrait, this point is at eye level. If the portrait is done in full growth, it shifts to the belt level. The horizon line should not be divided in half frame. This separation will prevent the viewer to focus on the object being photographed. If you do not keep the camera level follow a subject or person, you risk getting much distortion in the proportions. For example, removing a person from the top, you get a picture of his much smaller. And if you are photographing animals or small children, then descend to the level of their eyes.

A man reads from left to right – so used to our brain. In the same direction is the image and evaluation. The central object photos should be placed on the right side of the frame. It will turn out that the viewer’s eye and the subject will be “moved” towards each other. When shooting a moving object always leave space for his “movement” Forward. Simply put, the subject should not “go” out of the frame, and enter it.

It is also important to use the correct color spots. They must be on both sides of the picture. This avoids inconsistencies, because the photo should look like as a whole, rather than as unrelated to each other part.


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